Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Ardnamurchan Point

Apologies for the indulgence but that streak on the horizon is one of my favourite islands and I would have loved to have been on that ferry to Coll. This gentleman was there recently...... grrrrrr! and he can take real photos..... GRRRRRR!

Instead I "kayaked" (ahem!) to Ardnamurchan Point, the most westerley point of the island of Britain.....

....or is it? What about that bit that sticks out a mile or so further south? The land in the background is the north west coast of the Isle of Mull.

Kayaking books and websites talk about the few places to land if rounding the Point. Most if not all refer to the bay on the north side of the point but this one to the south looks to be do-able so long as the weather is not from the general direction of the west.

Portuairk at the southern end of Sanna Bay is the most approachable place by road to unload kayaks and kit and launch. A larger parking area is a couple of hundred yards up the hill from this view. I met the postie several times while reconnoitering Ardnamurchan. Her round starts at 10am (I guess the mail comes over from Tobermory on the ferry) and finishes at about 5.30pm, and she doesn't hang around either! Is this one of the longest postal rounds in Britain?

Kilchoan harbour, where the ferry lands from Tobermory on Mull. The lighthouse on Mull in the distance is the same one as seen on an earlier blog for Day 2 of this trip.

Nice bay is it not? If on the second day I had continued to paddle around the headland for another couple of kilometres instead of turning and paddling a couple of kilometres in the other direction to camp on Oronsay, I could have camped here. How annoying!

And what superb views! McLean's Nose is the significant headland.

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