Monday, 26 March 2012

...and about time too!

There's always something mildly chaotic with the first paddle of the year.
 Like, what have I forgotten? Sun hat on this occasion, so a rolled up thermal balaclava will have to do instead. Oh, and look at my foot. The zip on my boot has seized, so it won't zip up, yet. 
 Gradually order emerges from faint disorder.
 At least I remembered to charge my VHF radio! But in this heat I don't want to get my dry-suit on just yet.
 ... and what a game that was! My old one of five years was leaving me slightly damp and the zip had become unreliable, so I'd invested in a Kokatat Meridien for the new year. I'll have to practice dressing again as it was a bit of a struggle and an exercise in contortion! Head last or head second? I'll let you know!  
 A few final adjustments....
....a push back, bum in the boat, legs in, deck on....
 ....and breathe, I mean paddle....
 It's good to get out and paddle again.

Well done to my good wife for her pictures. She hasn't laughed so much for ages.

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