Friday, 19 February 2010

Rockpool Isel

We've been looking at smaller sea kayaks for Fiona for sometime, who, over the last couple of years, has paddled perhaps four or five different boats but none of them have been quite right. Today it was the turn of the Rockpool Isel, which we collected from the workshop in Holyhead and launched at Porth Dafarch. "Isel" means low, and it is! Look at the depth of the back of the boat compared to the paddle float.

In the time honoured tradition of teenagers, my daughter is reluctant to have her photgraph taken, so I've not trashed her street cred by publishing any here. Suffice to say that at sea, in the low winter sun, the boat and my daughter were in pretty good harmony once we had moved the seat and footplate position around a bit and at the second or third time of asking her she had put her pogies on! The boat has beautiful lines and even I fit in it. Very responsive, picks up surf easily and edges well. A good little boat.
On the cliffs out towards Penrhyn Mawr we came across this enormous scaffolding structure tethered to the rocks. Is it a camera platform from which to film rare birds on the nest? It ought to be demolished IMHO.


Mackayak said...

I love my Isel!

Sergio said...

Very nice boat. If it's not too much bother, could you post your daughter's height and yours.
Thank you very much, helps me, I'm 170 cms tall and I would love that boat. Cannot demo it. In desperate need of information