Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Skye - Dalavil June 2009

After a recommendation from a couple of local paddlers, I launched at Tarskavaig (Cod Bay) and went down the coast to the remote bay at Dalavil. Abandoned croft buildings lie inland, away from the direct exposure of the weather coming in from the sea.
The bay has numerous skerries and plenty of sand, including this mini tombolo!
Given the viking connections hereabouts, I had to do the old "boat haul over the isthmus" routine rather than paddling around the "coast". I saved all of 50 metres, but who cares? It was a delight to rock hop in the numerous channels and around the skerries accompanied by seals and otters, with starfish and urchins visible in the crystal clear water on the sea bed.
Lunch stop #1 had a fairly decent view!

The journey back was out through the numerous skerries around Dalavil bay but then offshore, picking up the numerous small rocks lying off the coast. The crazy seals followed me all the way. I had a quick lunch #2 back at Tarskavaig where, incidentally, low tide goes out a long way and it is something of an almighty haul back to the road with a loaded kayak, especially when tired!

After lunch I decided to complete my kayaking coverage of this bit of coast by paddling back up to Tokavaig. There are a couple of not very obvious arches and also this volcanic dyke, which resembles the spinal column of some sea monster. Well it does to me!

A brief stop at Tokavaig and then it was back to Tarskavaig.

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