Saturday, 15 August 2009

Vikings and Warriors

Ord was once part of the MacDonald lands on Sleat, with a farmhouse and steading together with some farm wokers' houses and several cottars. The main house later became a hotel (now a B&B). Other houses were built in the 1960's and in the late 1970's a small complex of holiday chalets was built, which were later individually sold off. The views from here across Loch Eishort to the Cuillins can be stunning, but more of that later. Today was the day for a trip down the east coast of Sleat.
Heading out in to the loch, the back views to the Red Cuillin clustered around the head of Loch Slappin dominate.

Pootling down the coast, accompanied by curious seals, black guillemots and oystercatchers ever so keen to see you off out of their patch, the ruins of a small castle come in to view. What chance, in an area of so few people, that a walker should just happen to be stood by the arch of the ruined bridge. A mad scramble for the camera ensued before they moved off!

Rounding the headland, the ruin of Dun Scaith is more obvious. The castle is thought to be one of the oldest in the Hebrides and has many myths and legends associated with it. It is said that here, Cuchullin chief of Skye in the third century, received training in the art of warfare from the Celtic warrior queen Sgathach.

The castle is situated on one of the headlands of Ob Gauscavaig, the bay lying in front of the small township of Tokavaig, a name of Viking origin meaning boisterous bay or bay of the whale. Take your pick with the meaning but neither was the case today.

Indeed, it seemed just the place to beach the kayak and chill out on some rocks whilst having a long lunch number 1. I don't know what it is about kayaking, but at least two lunches always seems a good idea.

After lunch a bit more exploring seemed in order. There are some very nice skerries in Loch Eishort, complete with coral sand.....

......... and some very nice views down towards Rum. We really mustn't over tax ourselves today.

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