Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Look out below!

At the weekend Fiona and I went for a 25k bimble around the Ormes from Rhos. I'm not sure if it's a bright idea to leave Rhos at high tide as inevitably you will have the tide against you during the paddle back and then a long carry up the beach at the end of the day. Gluttons for punishment, eh?

Whilst doing some rock-hopping under the cliffs of the Great Orme we were suddenly assailed by a fall of stones from above. We paddled away from the cliffs to see what had caused the fall only to see these three Angora billy goats chewing the barest of vegetation. All the other lusher, verdant green stuff and they had to choose this bit just as we were paddling underneath! 
On the way back the tide was falling and thousands of starfish were exposed on the rocks around the Little Orme. They were slowly peeling themselves off the exposed cliff and falling back in to the relative safety of the sea. I managed to catch one on my paddle as it dropped! 

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