Monday, 28 April 2014

WHB part3a

The Sound of Iona proved to be an enjoyable day trip.

Launching from Kintra (preferably at or near high tide), you paddle out in to the northern end of the Sound of Iona.....

.....through a delightful maze of rocks, skerries, reefs and headlands...

to Fionnphort, where the ferry to Iona departs. The first ferry of the day was pretty full.

We stopped for some food and drink, regarded the view across the Sound to the Abbey and watched our kayaks slide gracefully (almost!) away up the beach in a rising wind!

Rather than heading south down the Sound and across to Iona, we retreated north, passing through the sheltered anchorage of Bull Hole, between Eilean nam Ban and the Ross, and back to Kintra. A briefer paddle than intended but still a really good warm up for the next few days.

                                                           Top 2 pics by Angela Smith

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