Sunday, 28 June 2009

Day 3 - Loch Sunart

Chez Vince for night 2. A pleasant enough bay with room for a couple of tents but exposed to the northerly wind that was blasting away for most of the evening and which lulled me in to a deep sleep very quickly. I was visited by a red deer doe, which came within a yard of the tent, grazing the grass around where I had pitched. I lay still and quietly with the tent door open and watched her. Absolutely brilliant.

My stove was still playing up and the strong late afternoon winds that seemed to have set in to some sort of weather pattern preyed on my mind so I made the reluctant decision to return to Reisipole rather than travel further along the Ardnamurchan coast. I needed some hot water to give the stove a strip down and good clean: Moral of the story - use Coleman fuel rather than unleaded petrol, or get a gas stove. I paddled across to the Ardnamurchan shore and turned east, passing Glenborrodale Castle and a maze of rocky islets.

The trip back up the loch was basically a paddling slog and fairly boring. My destination was
below the summit of the distant hill.

Salen, a small village on an inlet favoured by the yachting fraternity, provided a brief interlude from the drudgery of the inner stretch of the north shore. A couple of interesting islolated bays also offered decent enough food stops.

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