Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Three kayaks

Well more accurately four kayaks actually! Earlier this year we tried out the new P&H Scorpio and Scorpio LV. My daughter and I took them out in huge seas to Roscolyn Beacon off the west coast of Anglesey in February. As the sea state was so mad there are no photos on the water so this is as good as it gets, the LV on dry land. Both boats handled superbly, up wind, down wind, cross wind with the sea head-on, following and on the beam. On the downside, I'm not too keen on the new P&H pinched skeg slider, particularly if fingers are cold, and my feet (size 8) don't fit in the LV too well with my kayaking boots on, so it would be the Scorpio for me. Highly recommended. Thanks to Pete Braas at Summit to Sea for the loan of the boats.

Last summer we made our usual trip to relatives in Pembrokeshire with the loan of an Avocet LV from Valley via Desperate Measures in Nottingham for my daughter to try out. The car rack is as good a place as any to see the difference between the Avocet LV and my standard Aquanaut. The volume difference is huge!

The Avocet LV handled well but the depth at the cockpit was too shallow for my daughter and I've since heard a couple of similar comments. Maybe the boat is something of a work in progress but it would seem there is a market for a smaller sea kayak.

Spot the backend of the boat in a cave at the entrance to Milford Haven.

Cruising the coast

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